Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Debt Generation reviews so far

"In the Debt Generation, David Malone comes to a similar conclusion as I came to making Inside Job: that the financial system, as presently constituted, isn't just a danger to our economy, but to our very democracy." Charles Ferguson 

A passionate call for a world organised around social justice
"David's book, The Debt Generation, follows the unfolding of the financial crisis and captures those catastrophic events in a lively and immediate narrative that dramatically exposes the failures of the banks and financial system that let us all down so badly and are still behaving in very much the same way. The book is a passionate call for a world organised around social justice, and not by and for the pursuit of greed. Caroline Lucas

A superb record of events
"David Malone's book has all the urgency of a first hand account of the 2009-2011 crisis. It speaks of that crisis in language we can all understand and provides us with a superb record of events as they unfolded over those two years. I think he's right about the choice that faces democratic societies like our own: either we buckle under the financial sector or we stand up and insist that the burden of their private losses is not shared with the innocent victims of the crisis." Ann Pettifor

The Debt Generation deserves massive success
"This book shows how the banks and the government are making ordinary people pay for the economic crisis they created. It exposes a sickening tale of corporate greed and recklessness, with the outrageous connivance of the whole political establishment. The Debt Generation deserves massive success." Peter Tatchell

It's enthralling, just seven pages in and I was hooked.
"The Debt Generation is an economic detective story much better than Agatha Christie or Dorothy L. Sayers. It's enthralling, just seven pages in and I was hooked. It deals with why the banks and financial institutions collapsed and how those who created a crisis are making the rest of us pay. It is as if the butler did it but the entire population of a nearby village were fitted up and put in prison. David Malone makes economics and finance understandable to all, and his book is and essential weapon in the struggle to resist corporate debt being turned into personal debt for entire populations. It clearly show how cuts that are destroying countries like Britain and Ireland are politically motivated and fail to solve the underlying problems. Highly recommended. Buy twelve copies and give them to your friends!" Derek Wall.

Intelligent, funny, informative, committed...
"Before reading The Debt Generation I would have said that the funniest and most entertaining book on the financial crisis was "Whoops!" by John Lanchester. Now I think that prize must go to David Malone's work. It is intelligent, funny, informative, committed. It is committed on the side of us, the poor and weak, against them, the rich and strong, and I unhesitatingly recommend it to all readers who wish to be entertained about the world of high finance and who want to be entertained at the same time." The Friend

A stunning read that will leave you haunted
"Children read this and weep. What David Malone has done here is to explain in laymen's terms, so we can all understand, exactly why and how the financial sector managed to bankrupt the economy. Told through his blog his observations and predictions are spine chilling as we watch events unfold over the course of the financial meltdown. A stunning read that will leave you haunted." Amazon reviewer.

An excellent book
"This is an excellent book. The Debt Generation cuts through the cosy consensus that there wasn't an alternative to the bank bailouts and is a timely reminder that it was the activities of the finance sector, not the public sector, that caused the global economic crisis. The book shows that is was the welfare given the banks, not to people, that is unaffordable. Mark Serwotka.

Think before you laugh
"If you have ever wondered why you live in one of the richest countries on earth but feel a little poorer every day then this is the book for you. Over a period of two years, David Malone's daily journal reveals his bafflement, confusion and personal anger at the unfolding global economic crisis. He takes our hand and leads us on a journey that highlights the cynicism, corruption and personal tawdriness of those who brought this crisis about. He identifies the people at fault and shows us the political cowardice of our so-called leaders who've never had the courage or motivation to stand up to them. Along the way there are shouted reminders that it is us who pay for the greed of the financial classes and firm warnings about the social unrest to come. When you're down to your last tenner spend it on this book because you will be laughing all  the way to the bank even though you're crying all the way back." Ivor Dembina.

Required reading
"Can I just say that I ordered The Debt Generation from YPD and got the book here in Ireland in a few days. I waited until last night to start because I wanted to be able to concentrate and I'm glad I did ...I'm about half-way through and I can thoroughly recommend it. I'm going to order 2 more copies to give to people that I have been discussing these issues with. Maybe it's not the most cheerful of Christmas gifts but it's quite simply required reading. Amazingly, it's actually easy to read. It's an odd mixture: the flashes of wit which lighten it do not take away from the seething anger at seeing wrong being done, and continue to being done. I probably sound like a bad book reviewer, but I'm just someone who felt queasy about what was happening and didn't like the fact that I didn't know why. For someone like me who felt so inadequate as I tried to make sense of things it's and education" Reader review.

A cracking read
"The Debt Generation is a cracking read. It is like a left-wing book-end to David Craig's Squandered. Both of them lay out the facts and talk lots of sense, so the truth, as ever lies somewhere in the middle (or where the two overlap)." Mark Wadsworth.

"From the summer of 2008, when he first glimpsed the "Mad Max Future, David Malone kept a regular diary of the news of the financial mayhem. We all took the same journey from a sunny summer, through an incredibly autumn and on to the continuing winter of our discontent. The difference is that  David Malone kept a regular record and in the era of ephemeral information that is invaluable." Molly Scott Cato.